Healthcare and Chronic Conditions

    Healthcare and Chronic Conditions
    Healthcare and Chronic Conditions
    Efficient and effective care for chronic patients

    The number of patients with chronic illnesses is growing steadily in EU countries as a result of population ageing (demographic transition and changing lifestyles) and longer survival times. Locally, chronic illnesses account for the greatest disease burden and are associated with over two thirds of total deaths. They have a huge impact on patients and their families, the National Health System and society at large in terms of resources and productivity.
    Offering more efficient and effective care to chronic patients, improving their health outcomes and reducing the frequency of exacerbations and complications are urgent goals for health systems. They are at the core of the challenge posed by chronicity.

    Lines of research:

    • Clinical variation in medical practice and assessment of medical care of chronic patients.
    • Geographic and socio-economic inequality in health care.
    • Development of predictive models using clinical-administrative-real world databases.
    • Pharmacoepidemiology and causal inference.
    Baquedano Arriazu, Javier
    Atención Primaria
    Cambra Contín, Koldo
    Instituto de Salud Pública y Laboral
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    Atención Primaria
    Goicoa Mangado, Tomás
    Universidad Pública de Navarra
    Healthcare and Chronic Conditions

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