Communication and design

Unidad de comunicación y diseño
Communication and design
Communication and design

The Communication and Design Unit designs Navarrabiomed’s communication plan for the promotion of research activity and the popularisation of science.

The team fully develops all the contents for the corporate website of Navarrabiomed: press releases, events and calls disseminations, banner design, own scientific imaging, portraits of the center staff and audiovisual materials.

In addition, the Unit advises the health professionals of the Navarra Health Service - Osasunbidea and other agencies of Health Departament in the dissemination of their care activity and the preparation of graphic and audiovisual materials for patients, internal training and congresses.

Cuento infantil para niños/as que van a ser intervenidos en el SNS-O.
Creación de línea gráfica para guías de pacientes del SNS-O.
Communication and design

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